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iPad and audio recording

Alesis !!! This music instrument company has been always on the edge of innovations. Those who used Alesis 8-track digital audio, remembers how popular this format used to be.

Compare Sound Cloud vs Dropbox streaming

Streaming media services have been around for quiete some time. I would say since early or mid nineties. Back in the nineties, there were two popular formats, beofre flash streaming or youtube was created. Real Player (.rm), and Windows Media (asx). I always stayed on the side of Real Player, just to oppose Microsoft, but I must admit that Windows Media streaming capabilities were always at the top of the list. To be continued....

Digital living room

For the longest time I have been discouraged to pay cable companies large amounts every month, just to watch news and may be one or two favored channels. In addition to lack of desire to pay for cable tv, I had even less motivation to watch anything on live tv because of non-stop annoying commercials. My first move was to get TiVO, which was definitely great device, however, now I had to pay for two services, TiVO and the cable bill, which wasn't exactly the plan.

Facebook fan page vs Facebook personal profile

There is a difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook Fan Page. Facebook profiles are for people. Fan Pages are for businesses. Here’s why: People vs. business Profiles are intended for people,not businesses. It’s actually against the Facebook terms to use a profile for a business. If the Facebook find your profile set up like this, they may delete the entire profile. So much for all your hard work getting friends! SEO Your Facebook Fan Page can be a part of your Search Engine